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More Child Photography in the Old Teal Truck: Child photography raleigh nc

Such sweet sisters!  Little sister didn’t want to put on her full smile since she lost one of her front top teeth but we get to see a little here!  LOVE THIS TRUCK. Cute little blondes!

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Secret Garden: Raleigh photographers child photography

I absolutely LOVED this shoot.  It was completely impromptu.  The girls were a little jealous that their newborn cousin was getting all the attention at his newborn shoot so they picked out outfits, already had a special place in their

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Newborn Twins: Raleigh Newborn Photographers

This was my 2nd time photographing twins and it is always fun, funny, challenging and sweet all combined!  These little guys went through a lot to get here and I know Mom is just happy to have them home and

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Oh Joy! Family Photography Raleigh NC

Just a funny little strip from one of my sessions today. I couldn’t help but post because they were cracking me up!  

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Tea Parties and Mad Hatters?

It’s now the middle of March! Spring is coming people!! Bring out the cute dresses, the flowers, and of course the warm sun! But speaking of Spring, I have come up with a cute photo shoot for the darling little

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Meet the A Family

The A Family was referred to me by my lovely niece by marriage. I did not have time to contact her and thank her for the referral but when I arrived to the shoot I found out that the A

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Sisters Portrait: Raleigh Portrait Photographer

These sisters hadn’t had a picture all three together since they little little… So they got together for a fun portrait session. I wish I had the before picture they showed me but they are just as cute now as

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