Toddler on the Move: Child photography Raleigh NC

It’s a sure sign I have been busy when you haven’t seen a post in a while.  I am going to ATTEMPT to catch up.  Wish me luck! This little cutie is 14 mths old.  Grandma (or Mims in this case) has a tradition of having a portrait of all her grandchildren done at 14 mths.  I love this age because their little faces are really starting to look like who they are going to be when they grow up.  We make a composite from these images to match both the other grandchildren but also her children creating such a beautiful tradition.  This little guy was so sweet and snuggly.  I love this age!!!!

Raleigh NC Child Photography

child photography raleigh nc

Baby photography raleigh nc

Child photography raleigh nc

Baby photography raleigh nc

raleigh child photography


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