I am a little behind on my posting.  It’s that time of year but I didn’t want to forget anyone!  Kim and I met many years ago when our daughters were in pre-school. I was elated when Kim called me to shoot her family portrait. Arriving at the shoot, Kim and her two adorable girls were excited and ready. Kim’s husband on the other hand looked displeased with the event. I have found that most men including my own husband are never excited about having their picture taken. To comfort his dismay I informed him that it could be worse he could be married to me, a photographer!! That led me to tell the story about a time I found out that our oldest daughter was about to lose her front tooth. I immediately called a photographer friend of mine to see if she could squeeze my family in for our family portrait. It worked out great, she had an opening that weekend. Sunday morning I told my husband we were having our family portrait done that afternoon.  (He does better when he has a little more notice)  I got the look. ha ha!  Since I had originally wanted a Poppy Shoot this year but we had already missed it I made him a deal knowing that it was close to Father’s Day. I told him he didn’t have to be in the picture but as far as the girls were concerned, the picture WAS his father’s day gift, but in reality not being in the picture was his father’s day gift. ha ha! In his relief of that family portrait, moving forward, he has contently joined our family portrait shoots, with a smile.  I think Kim’s husband was very happy he wasn’t married to me that day.  ;  )  But look how cute they all are….  

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