I have a growing trend with my brides and grooms to do what I call a Mr. Mrs. Session.   The day of the wedding is packed with vows to exchange, guests to greet, dances to dance and fun to be had but when it comes to pictures we do our best to get everything on that must have list.  Pictures with your bridesmaids, parents, grand parents, the group family shots and oh yes those beautiful romantic shots of the two of you.  And yes we do a great job at all of those.  But there is nothing like going out the next day while he still has his tux and you still have that just married glow and just spend sometime running around all over town shooting AMAZING pictures of the two of you.  After all it IS the TWO of you that got married right?  These are the pictures that you will stare at over and over again.  And if he isn’t as into it as you are then come out and trash the dress or celebrate it!   You’d be amazed how incredible your your images will be when you don’t have the stress of not getting your dress dirty before the wedding.  It’s just fun.  You don’t just want to wear it once do you?  So when you are looking at our packages think about including a Mr. & Mrs. Session or choosing it in lieu of a bridal or engagement session.  All portrait sessions are eligible for substitution without additional cost.  Make the MOST of that gorgeous dress and that handsome man you just married!

Here are a couple of shots from some of our Mr.  & Mrs. Sessions or just check out our on line gallery at
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