It’s getting that time again… Time to start thinking about your family portraits. And the sooner the better so you don’t lose that nice tan you have acquired over the summer. I think probably the hardest thing for people when they are getting ready for a portrait session is figuring out what to wear. I get all kinds of questions and although there are some definite wrong answers for the most part it is pretty grey these days. The one and only BIG “NO NO” is plaids or very busy patterns. They cause what is called Moiré patterns in the picture which is what you occasionally see on TV where the shirt almost looks like it is in 3D and is coming right out of the screen. But other than that I say go ahead and get creative or go for the basics i.e. jeans and all white shirts (how can you mess up matching perfect whites?) BUT if you try to get all navy blue from different departments and different brands it can looked kind of miss-matched.  However, I did find a site that does creative outfits for you and she chooses them from popular stores where you can buy them while they are still in season. So if you are at a complete loss check her out.

FYI… We are  usually booked full for portrait sessions before Thanksgiving so you might want to think about scheduling soon! Again before you lose that nice golden tan!

Here is a sample of one of her What to Wear Guides from last November:

What to wear for Family Portrait