Ok, I actually have very long lashes BUT they are so blond I might was well look like my eyes are bald.  To add to matters, I forget many times to put on my mascara which adds about 10 years of age to my face. Ugh.  And it never fails when someone actually takes a picture of ME for a change, I inevitably have no mascara on… Well NO MORE!!!  I now have a way to add lashes. Ya me!  Now no, I can’t add eye lashes to every picture in your wedding or it would literally take a year to get your pictures back so still go get those falsies I recommend. HOWEVER!  If you do forget we can add them to the images in your wedding album or any large prints!  I used myself here as the guinea pig.  I do have on mascara and eyeliner but you still can’t really tell much. I have two versions: one with light mascara only on the top and one with heavier mascara and lashes on the bottom as well.  Enjoy ladies!!! This ROCKS!




Tips on lashes for photography


Adding eyelashes to portraits