Teri’s Maternity Session in Coker Arboretum at UNC Chapel Hill by Raleigh Photographer

This beautiful mother to be was my bride only just a couple of years ago. She was amazingly beautiful the day of her wedding but even more so as an expectant mother. Sometimes when we are pregnant we feel fat, swollen, uncomfortable but also expectant, nervous and excited. But the world outside just sees you as these amazing creatures with all the wonder and love that goes into starting your new family or growing your existing one. Teri thank you so much for letting me capture this amazing time for you and tell Stephen the diapers are the least of his problems. 😉

Love you guys! Diane

Black & White Pregnancy Image
Close up Image of pregnant motherI love this image so much I did several versions of it just to play…

Pregnant Mother in BlueFull body Image of Maternity Photo in GardenMaternity Portrait Sitting in Grass Maternity Portrait in Black Eye Susans Maternity portrait in Arboretum at UNC Pregnancy photo on Stepstones Smiling Pregnant Mom to be Pregnant mother leaning on Tree Maternity photo with Yellow Flowers

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4 comments on “Teri’s Maternity Session in Coker Arboretum at UNC Chapel Hill by Raleigh Photographer
  1. Laura Blough says:

    I saw a few looks in these pictures that I’ve seen all my life from you and now you’ll be giving those same “don’t try to pull anything with me” looks to your kids. It seems like yesterday we were playing with Barbies together.

    Great job, Diane, in capturing the woman my sister has become!

  2. Awe… What a sweet comment and I couldn’t agree more… An amazing woman for sure!

  3. Debbie Rasa says:

    What a beautiful pregnancy and young mother you are Teri…You truly are “glowing” in every sense of the word!
    What a awesome (outward) expression of what
    God’s intention of LOVE really means. Diane, incredible
    photography as you have captured the essence of what every pregnancy should portray…beauty at it’s best.
    Love you both!

  4. Krista says:

    Beautiful and fun pictures! Wonderful moments to hold onto!

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