Over the past few months, you have heard me talk about the changes coming to Diane McKinney Studio.  We have been brainstorming and working through it all since last November.  And I can’t wait to share it all! Thanks to you, our business is growing and expanding and with that growth, we have added some of the best talent in the portrait industry.

Our main goal, with our focus on you our client, was to become a full service studio, offering the absolute best photography experience!

For those of you who don’t know a couple of years ago we got into a position where we were so busy we either needed to grow or outsource some of our operations.  After several attempts at outsourcing just our wedding operations we actually opted to partner with another studio to take care of all the back office operations (everything after the shoot).   This way we could wholly focus on shooting and our craft.  And while it was exceptional from a creative stand point we still missed having the ability to put our own signature on those aspects of the business.

And in steps Fran.  WE LOVE FRAN.  Fran has more than 20 years of experience managing a studio from shooting, helping our clients choose the perfect portraits, creating timeless and classic oil portraiture to helping you choose the perfect frame to display your portrait art in your home.  Our clients typically appreciate classic and timeless photography.  Photography that won’t look 80’s so to speak in 10 years.  Our goal has always been to blend a little contemporary in for fun but the core of our style to remain classic and timeless.   Oil portraits couldn’t fit in more beautifully with that classic methodology.  Fran’s focus is making the client experience the easiest, customer service oriented and fun as possible.  She’s a perfect fit with the Diane McKinney Photography vision of not only amazing pictures but making the experience fun and stress free.  We can’t wait for you to meet Fran.

I know I have spoken to her studio expertise but her canvas oil portraits are truly a timeless piece of art work.  She has studied under master photographers to learn this timeless and classic technique that has been passed down from generation to generation.  There are only a handful of photographers on the east coast that even know how to do this anymore and she has clients that drive in for miles to be able to have her capture their portraits on oil.  Below are a few samples of her work but you can’t truly appreciate these until you see them in person so feel free to make an appointment to come by and see them.  They are beautiful for bridals, children, seniors and even executives and political figures.

Photography Raleigh NC

And last but certainly not least Allison.  Allison has been shooting with us going on two years now and is not only an amazing photographer but assistant extraordinaire.  She seems to know what the client or I need before we even need it. She has a natural ability to problem solve and a friendly easy going manner that puts brides and Mom’s alike at ease.  Additionally she has taken on the role of editor.   This combination of being the second photographer and editor gives her the unique position of understanding what is important to the bride and groom.  So the images that have a special meaning to only the bride and groom don’t get cut in the editing process.  And that brings us to another great advantage.  We don’t skimp on the images we give you.  Yes, we give you a guide line so you know you will at least have a minimum number of pictures but we always exceed that number.  Having your own in house editor that isn’t buried with too many jobs allows us to give more.  Although we don’t promise this will make picking your favorite pictures to frame any easier!

Photographer Allison Wood

We can’t wait for you to meet our new team.  Please contact us if you have interest in oil portrait sittings and all future booked weddings will be directly through Diane McKinney Photography. But don’t worry if you have Diane booked as your photographer already she is fully committed to shooting your wedding with the partner studio! <3

Thanks! Diane