One of the joys of wedding photography is getting to know your clients and their love stories.  Katie and Paul’s I find particularly endearing.  Katie and Paul were both bridesmaid & best man in respective friend’s wedding.  They met during all the wedding festivities and quickly felt an attraction for one another.  Paul living in Australia and Katie living in the US provided for some logistical challenges.  But through Skype and frequent visits to the US their love for each other grew.  I remember our engagement portrait photography session.  Out in the beautiful Duke Gardens I loved their interactions with each other.  Paul with his witty and playful sense of humor and Katie’s beautiful laugh it was clear why they would travel such distances to be with each other.

Their wedding was no less beautiful than the love they showed for each other.  Set in the beautiful and lush pinewoods of Pinehurst, NC at the Forest Creek Golf Club the stage was set.  With Margaret as florist and event coordinator all the details were impeccable. The flowers were stunning and only out shown by the bride’s beauty herself.  The ceremony was beautiful and the Dad’s toast made us all cry.  The event was skyped for family who could not make it over seas to attend the event in person.  What I didn’t expect was my new found love for New Zealanders.  Now I have traveled A LOT.  I have been to Africa, Brazil, Spain, France, The Netherlands, Costa Rica and the list goes on but never to New Zealand.  Well, I can tell you after this night it is on my list!   They have got to be the funniest, warmest and most genuinely nice people I have ever met.  Katie is in good hands with that crew for sure.   All in all it was an amazing night where all danced into the night rocking it hard with DJ Mark who with his Irish accent seemed to fit in right along with the crowd.  He kept the dance floor hot and the party going!  What a day…

Thank you Katie and Paul! It was amazing.