I just love outdoor weddings. They are always so charming and beautiful.  Yes, I know it is a little more of a gamble with the weather but it makes it all worth it when it comes together (which it usually does)…   Megan chose a charming country house in the hills of Austin to have her wedding.  The dance floor was covered but had no real walls.  Instead they filled them with the most charming windows suspended from the roof.  I fell in love with them immediately.  But the wedding venue was only the smallest piece of charm to this wedding.  They added so many personal details that made it JUST THEM.  First was a beautiful stain glass circular window that was made by the bride’s brother.  Artist run strong in this family!  Being that Megan and Thomas were married on St. Patrick’s day one of their colors was green so the stained glass window included green as the primary color.  But they didn’t stop there.  The bride created the cutest wall of hanging portraits of all the places the bride and groom has been on their travels together.    She left two open frames for guests to stick their heads in then put a point and shoot camera on a tripod in front so that guests could take pictures of themselves. BRILLIANT!  I loved it.  It was quite a task too as she had to bring it in the house to avoid the weather until the wedding.  (It was not exactly small.)  Another beautiful detail that I notices right away was the beautiful rhinestone broach in her hair.  I recognized it because her brother was married just last november and I photographed their wedding down near Galveston.  Amy her now sister in law wore this same broach on her dress.  I just loved it and it made the perfect something borrowed.  On the tables were pictures of all the places the bride and groom has on their list of places they wanted to visit someday.   On the sentimental side the bride’s bouquet was decorated with rosemary which not only smelt good but also signified remembrance.  The bride’s father pass many years ago and this was a little reminder to us all that even though gone he was still there with us.   Even the minister who presided over the funeral came up from Galveston and out of retirement just to perform the ceremony.  He did the same for her brother just 5 months ago making the union even more meaningful.  And another special touch was the diamond ring Megan wore durin g the ceremony.  It was her Mother’s diamond ring given to her to wear during the ceremony by her sister as a reminder of their mother as she was while they were growing up.  And my favorite part of the wedding???  The Grooms cake!  It had me cracking up.  Megan and Thomas live in Austin which is a college town and so nights of sixth street with great bands or heading out to the many lakes to hang out with friends and have fun are no stranger to part of the Austin lifestyle.  So the groom’s cake is a little note to maybe one or two nights that most of us have had if not more.  ;  )  Regardless I vote for best Groom’s cake ever.  But the best part of the wedding was Megan and Thomas themselves.  They are so cute and having been dating for sometime now and just fit like a glove.  You can see how much fun they have with each other and how in synch they are as well.  They always seeming to be smiling and laughing with each other.  Congrats Megan and Thomas!  It was a beautiful wedding with a beatiful bride and handsome groom.  And I treasured photographing this wedding.  A good day in the world of wedding photography for sure!! I love you guys.   (And if you hadn’t guessed it by now, I am the sister to the bride.)  We have had a busy last 12 months in this family as far as weddings go!