Tea Party Raleigh PhotographyIt’s now the middle of March! Spring is coming people!! Bring out the cute dresses, the flowers, and of course the warm sun! But speaking of Spring, I have come up with a cute photo shoot for the darling little ones that you guys have! The TEA PARTY SHOOT! I came up with this last year with my two girls, K and H. They were on spring break (or more of a summer break because it was in May…) and we decided to have a photo shoot! It turned in to the cutest tea party photo shoot! Vintage dresses, tea cups, and cookies included!

Thinking about exchanging your Easter pictures for tea party pictures (I’m going to!)? Be sure to contact us or add us on Facebook here/Google + here and send us a message! Don’t have kids yet? Pin this for the day you do!!! (My niece did xD)

Need other cute kids ideas? Check out our ABC Book in two earlier posts!

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