When you own your own business you don’t really have a boss to tell you when you are doing well or when you need improvement.  You do have clients and some tell you and some don’t.  So when we get feedback, especially positive, we LIVE for it.  So entering competitions not only helps demonstrate to our clients our true technical skill but also makes us SO HAPPY!!!  Needless to say I am THRILLED with this first award from WPS.  WPS-the wedding photographic society is a group of professionals that is dedicated to the wedding industry in photography.  It is the first time I have entered their competition.  It’s tough to find the time but thanks to a friend (Stacy – you know who you are..) about just putting a folder on my desktop marked images for competition I was able to enter without having to sort through thousands of images to decide what to submit. THANKS GIRL! And thanks to the board at WPS for choosing my photos!  You made my day!!!!!!

Award Winning Wedding Photography Raleigh NC

1st place award WPS Competition for Artistic Category: – Such a timeless and sublime look and feel to this image. The styling, expression, and composition captivates. – Love those eyes and the shallow depth of field leading me to them. The photographer chose all the right elements to create this classic image. – The beauty of this image is in the soft and beautiful expression of the bride. The light use of sepia, shallow depth of field, & high contrast draw the viewer in. It’s just pretty!

Award Winning Wedding Photography Raleigh NC

1st Place Award for Category Motion: – This is the type of shot that comes to mind when I think of “motion” in photography. Nice panning job to freeze just the bride and blur everything else. – The motion of the car mixed with the moment is wonderful. Kudos to the photographer for staying with them till the end. – Way to freeze your subjects at the precise moment. Strong sense of motion draws your eye right into the joy of the bride’s face. I love how the guests become mere elements of the background rather than actual subjects of the picture.

2011 Standings:

1st Diane McKinney 21.1