Wake Teen is a wonderful organzation that provides a much needed service to a unique niche. The medical community is great at serving children and adults but when it comes to teenagers there seems to a be a gap. Well, Wake Teen fills that gap. With not only medical doctors who can talk in a language that teenagers understand but also tackling all the issues that face teenagers from weight management to having councelors and psychiatrists on staff to help deal with many of the challanges teenagers face today.

I would have attended this event on this knowledge alone but OH did they make it SO enjoyable!!! I have three vices when it comes to shopping. Shoes, purses and coats. To me they are an outfit in themselves! Maybe because they are items you can wear everyday unlike an evening dress that if it is dazzeling it hides in your closet for a while because it is so memorable. So this event suited me perfectly. The gentlemen walking around showing you the latest fabulous shoes and purses on waiters trays displaying them as the delicacy they are to me. (I wanted to buy almost all of them.) Chair massage, Saks there to give you the latest products to make us 10 years younger, then all of the fabulous items for auction. I REALLY want this Kate Spade Purse below you will see. I wonder who won it? Hmmm… Watch your calendars next year ladies because this is an event you won’t want to miss! Oh yea… And it is for CHARITY! A write off for shoes? Yes mam!
Thanks to Briar Creek who ALWAYS does an amazing job and all the fabulous companies who donated shoes and packages for the auctions.