Sometimes you meet someone even just for a brief moment that touches you. Yesterday it was a Mom on the beach. While I was watching my girls splash and play on the beach I noticed this Mom doing the same with her two little ones. I had noticed her at the pool the day before. They were hard to miss since they had the cutest children. Her youngest had these big coke bottle glasses that I must say looked adorable. I assumed at the time she had poor vision.

After watching her this day on the beach it became evident that it was much more than a vision problem and that Little A couldn’t see at all. As I listened to her mother describe “A here comes the water. A it is so blue here. A can you feel the sand?” She was so patient and loving. Teaching her every step of the way how to feel out her environment. At two years old she had just learned to walk. Which I am sure was no small feat if you think about how it must be to learn to walk in the dark. But little A was very determined even with the un-even sand and less than stable under footing.

I can remember my oldest when she was little being so timid around anything new and having to desribe anything new to her in detail so she wouldn’t become upset when faced with the new situation. Remembering this I was thinking how much more challanging it would be as a Mom to have this whole extra element thrown into the mix. But little A doesn’t appear to be timid at all. Something that I am sure will help her immensely.

I feel honored to have met this family and took pictures of them playing on the beach since they had their hands a little full and it would have been difficult to watch these two and take any pictures at the same time. I hope they enjoy them as much as I enjoyed photographing them!