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2016 A Year in Review | Raleigh Photographers

Another great year!  I am so grateful for amazing clients, a wonderful family and a job I love.  Here are just some of the fabulous people I photographed this year.  Thanks to all everyone for making it such a wonderful

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Best of 2014 Portrait and Wedding Photography: Raleigh NC

I tried and tried to weed this down but I just couldn’t get it any lower.  I have such cute clients… what can I say???  Here is the best of 2014 but I STILL cut another 100 from this list…

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W Family: Winter Family Photography mini-session

When the leaves are all gone there are still some good places to shoot.  Here is one family who took advantage of the rustic feel of Yates Mill for their family photo session.  So if you think it’s too late

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More Yates Mill Family photography by Raleigh photographer

And here’s another one of my cute families!

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Fall Family Photography at Yates Mill: Raleigh family photographers

This is definitely out of date.  First I don’t post these when they are taken because usually they are being used for Christmas cards and we don’t want to ruin the surprise.  So I’ll be posting a few of my

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Nikki’s Senior Portrait Session: Photography Raleigh NC

raleigh senior photographers

I love shoots like these… Not just because the girl is beautiful and sweet.  But because it is another milestone for me.  I think it was 10 years ago I photographed her Mother getting married.  I remember her excitement, meeting

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Hunter’s Senior Portrait Session: Photographers in Raleigh

Girl Senior Photos

What can I say about this girl other than how beautiful she is??? Well, I have watched her and her brother for the last 5 years since my daughter joined swim team. She has grown into an amazing person both

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G’s Family at Yates Mill: Raleigh Family Photographer

G-came to me through a neighbor, friend and client. A single Mom with 3 children isn’t an easy role but looking at her beautiful children you can see why she does it. I do so many infant and toddler shoots

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The M Family Portrait Shoot: Family Portrait Photographer Raleigh NC

What an awesome family.  I have known this family going on 6 years now.  They are some of the most wonderful people you would ever want to meet.  You would want your kids to go to school with their kids,

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