Professional Head shots and Mini-Session Around Town

With today's online presence being ever more prevalent the need for new and varied head shots and portraits has become a must for today's professionals.  I had a great time with this brilliant and beautiful professor as we went all over town to get multiple looks...

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Award for Top Rated Vendors in NC

I am continually surprised and truly grateful when I win these awards.  Most awards require you to advertise with them before you are really considered.  So when I get one of these it really means a lot.  I have to say I love what I do and it's...

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Lunar Eclipse January 2019

Well I managed to stay up and brave the freezing cold temperatures to get a few shots of the lunar eclipse.  Eclipse and astronomy in general is a love of mine.  First because of the MANY jobs my father had, one happened to be a professor of astronomy in his...

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Long over Due | Commercial Photography

Well, as I have been fixing some blunders from the web designer in updating pictures that were lost I ran across an old commercial shoot I never blogged!  I still love this office design.  So beautiful.  Can I have one of these?  Funny though...

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AWC Turns 150 Years old! | Commercial Photography

Alfred Williams and Company turns 150 years old this year. What an accomplishment.  During the toast the president reminded the group that the company was even old than the phone company.  I think that statement really sets the mindset of truly what a feat...

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Clean turns 21 | Event Photography

What a swanky event! Did I just say swanky?  Swanky, posh, elegant whatever the adjective this celebration of Clean's 21st anniversary was nothing short of spectacular. The food and venue were stunning.  And I love how they invited not only clients but...

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