This will be a pretty short blog post. Unfortunately I have a cold and am not much up for writing. One of the tough things about being in business for yourself. No one does your job when you are out or sick. But of course the perks are you make your own hours, decide which jobs you will or won’t take but mostly live your passion. The negatives of course my biggest, DOING TAXES, filing, burning disks, IT responsibilities and the list goes on and on. For now I had a fabulous morning at the Art Museum. I went with my girls to see the Rembrandt exhibit. He is one of my favorite painters because he understood light so well. He made beautiful use on how it fell upon his subjects. Sadly no photography was allow at all. But here is a link to the Art Museum. If you go you will see exactly what I mean. Most of this collection is a collection of his famous portraits. And some amazing work you can tell he did just for himself. After viewing Rembrandt I went over to the new part of the museum which allows full photography even with flash although I used natural light the whole time. It is so beautiful in the museum. They did such an amazing job designing it. Here were some of my favorite works that I WAS allowed to photograph.
A day in the life of a photographer