Where to start?   I am not even sure where I left off except I can say I have had several photography projects.  One of my favorite charities STEP UP was in sore need for some headshots for their website.  Something I highly recommend any business owner or non-profit do with their websites and other promotional material.  It personalizes you from a business into a relationship.  Everyone I shot was awesome although we are only 1/2 way through.  They have accomplished so much and grown so much since I started shooting for them 5 years ago.

Next I had my baby duck and chic shoot. I look forward to this every year and thankfully my good friend calls me every year when she is about to hatch chics to see if I want to shoot them.  (And I do mean PHOTOGRAPH them not SHOOT them!) ha ha!  Lucky me she got some ducks this year too. They were SO cute.   Lots of fun and lots of super cute pictures of the kids and the ducks/chics! Can’t wait to post! Hopefully tomorrow.  :  )

Saturday I spent some time showing one of my photographers more of the heavier side of retouching.  Mostly how to put her logo on her pictures, sizing them for web, how to lessen wrinkles and fine lines and of course how to make everyone look just a little skinnier or more flattering in their portraits!

And Saturday night I took some ME time and went out to PieBird Restaurant with friends which was INCREDIBLE! I had the tomatoe and goat cheese special and YUMMY cherry pie!   Definitely go if you get a chance.  Laugh of the night?  And I can’t believe I am writing this down but it was SO funny.  I turned the corner to find the bathroom and saw a waiter in a black outfit out of the corner of my eye then asked her “where is the bathroom?’ Um… It was me.  In the mirror.  Needless to say we laughed till we cried over that one! ha ha! OH and for the record I only had WATER at dinner!

The rest of the weekend I spent spring cleaning both my email inbox and my house!  But I am oh so clutter free in my closets and pantries! I feel like a whole new woman.

Check out some of the fabulous people at Step Up in their new website corporate head-shots. : )