I love getting professional photographer magazine. It is always inspiring. It’s also helpful in reading about equipment reviews, things going on in the industry and new products. But once in a while I run across a photographer interview that just nails it for me. Today was that day. Reading Professional Photographer’s interview on David Bailey, considered by many to be the best photographer in the world, he made one comment that just resonated with me. I struggle with this occasionally but each time it’s always a struggle on how to handle it. Here is the paragraph that struck me.

“It’s the moment that counts. It’s the only thing we’ve got in life.” “I’m interested in people and whatever you see in the photograph. Whatever-you-want-to-call-it is already in that person. I can’t put it there, but i can find it and bring it out. It’ the moment, and nothing captures a moment like a camera.”

So in a Pintrest world with everyone trying to copy every one else, this is an expectation that sets us up for failure. Everyone is different, every body type is different, every smile is different, clothing is different, even little things like how tall you are in comparison to the person standing next to you can completely change the dynamics of a portrait. So go ahead and LOVE Pinterst, love the ideas, love the colors, and even use the same props and get an idea of the over all essence. But don’t try to copy it exactly. First of all you will never succeed. There are just too many variables in one photograph to ever copy it exactly. So get your vision but then just let it go and let you be YOU and that will make it all the more unique and beautiful!

Photographer Diane McKinneyDiane McKinney Photography

photograph thanks to Gillian Carlin