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Taming those Toddlers | Raleigh Photography

Taming Toddlers photography

Boy is this a popular subject.  You’ve hit the terrible two’s or maybe the threes and all of a sudden getting pictures of those little darlings becomes areal work of art.  You are not alone.  I am going to try

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How to choose a photographer | Raleigh photography

I love getting professional photographer magazine. It is always inspiring. It’s also helpful in reading about equipment reviews, things going on in the industry and new products. But once in a while I run across a photographer interview that just

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A Lesson for Aspiring Photographers…

Tonight like many other nights we had a heated debate in one of my photography forums (of which I belong to many…) But it made me think. I know I have a lot of photographers that follow my blog, especially

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The Key to Pleasing Compositions: Raleigh Photographer Education

Have you ever wondered why we cut off the top of the head sometimes?  Why the subject is off center rather than in the middle.  You don’t notice these things, you just see an image and thing WOW that’s beautiful.

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Coolest App!

Now don’t get all excited. I haven’t downloaded it yet and played with it but I met with an editor of a magazine will be shooting for in the upcoming months (more about that later) and she showed me hers!

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Article in Cary Magazine

I thought I would send out an article from Cary Magazine with tips from photographers for your wedding.  Oh and I am in it too!  :  )  Article from Cary Magazine: Advice from Photographers

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Getting the Creative Juices Flowing

We are here at the rugged Five Pines Lodge in Sisters, Oregon. A place I must admit wouldn’t have been first on my list of travel. Being more of a beach girl then a mountain girl I was a little

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