Katherine & Braxton: Duke Gardens Engagement Photography

Katherine and Braxton are such cute couple.  A brilliant mix of charm, humor and grace.  Katherine has such a classic beauty and Braxton is the rock in their relationship.  I am so looking forward to shooting their wedding.  Katherine is always smiling and the two...

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Lisa and Brian’s Wedding: Duke Gardens

I l just love shooting in the gardens.  I do bridals there, engagements there and when I am lucky weddings there.  It is always so beautiful.  This weekend was one of those lucky moments.  Not only was I lucky enough to be photographing a wedding in the gardens but...

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Mary’s Bridal Portrait… Stunning bride!

It is so hard to wait to show of the bridal shoots. You race home so excited about your images. Spend tireless hours working on them and are so proud you are dying to show them off and then you must WAIT. And WAIT. And WAIT. Not that Mary really required that much...

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Megan’s Bridal Session

What a sweet bride. Megan is so much fun and up for anything. Here's a little glimpse of her photoshoot. Don't worry... I didn't publish this till AFTER the wedding.

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