Kasey’s Bridal Session: Bridal Photography

What can I say??? Kasey is absolutely stunning. But not only is she stunning she is one of the nicest people you would want to meet. She is so laid back but at the same time has such attention to detail. Those qualities seem kind of funny to go together but somehow she does it. I had the best time photographing this bridal portrait. Mom and Grandma (in law) came along for the portrait session. They were so fun and we all had a blast. We shot it in Charlotte and I LOVE shooting in new places. It always gets the creative juices flowing. It’s like clay to a sculptor or a new canvas to a painter and Kasey couldn’t have been a better subject. I have been DYING to post these bridal pictures since we shot them and FINALLY today I get to post them since we had their AMAZING wedding last night. THAT was a blast but more about that later when I get to post those too! Thanks Kasey for trusting me with such a special time in your life and thanks Mom and Grandma! It wouldn’t have been as fun without you!! : )
Bridal Photography
Bridal PhotographyBridal PhotographyBridal PhotographyBridal PhotographyBridal PhotographyBridal Photography

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